Student Accounts


You may check your students balance at anytime from HERE for free.  My School Bucks only charges a fee if you use your credit card or bank account to make payment to a students account.

You may also contact your students cafeteria manager HERE.

Food Service Office Contacts:

Dana Farmer - 690-5717 or 690-5713 or 840-1840   Student Account Balances - Meal Applications


Suzie Parker - 840-1857 or 840-1858 Student Account Balances - Meal Applications - Child Nutrition Web Page


If your student is no longer in the Tupelo Schools District and you have a balance you can get a refund. Print the refund form and mail to: Child Nutrition, 903 Fillmore Drive, Tupelo, MS 38801 or fax to 662-840-1842

PDF Refund Request Form