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Department Contact Information

Tupelo Public School District
903 Fillmore Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801
Name: Lynne Rogers
Title: Director of Nutrition Services
Phone: (662) 840-1857

Name: Dorthy Lattimore
Title: Carver: Manager
Phone: (662) 841-8874

Name: Rita Pryor
Title: Joyner: Manager
Phone: (662) 841-8902

Name: Shirley Montgomery
Title: ECEC (King): Manager
Phone: (662) 840-8319

Name: Tiffany Vaughn
Title: Lawhon: Manager
Phone: (662) 841-8914

Name: Shiana Bean
Title: Lawndale: Manager
Phone: (662) 840-5239

Name: Evelyn Marion
Title: Milam: Manager
Phone: (662) 841-8925

Name: Cindy Danovski
Title: Parkway: Manager
Phone: (662) 842-2076

Name: Sherry Haddon
Title: Pierce: Manager
Phone: (662) 841-8942

Name: Shasmeca Middlebrooks
Title: Rankin: Manager
Phone: (662) 840-5240

Name: Felicia Gordon
Title: Thomas: Manager
Phone: (662) 840-1844

Name: Judy Stark
Title: Tupelo Middle: Manager
Phone: (662) 840-8795

Name: Nikki Bilger
Title: Tupelo High: Manager
Phone: (662) 840-8976

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